About Newland Mortgage ~ Lake Oswego, Portland OR

A large selection of loan options, extremely competitive interest rates, low closing costs, great customer service, transparency in everything we do – that’s what sets us apart from other mortgage companies!

Whether you need a loan for a new home or are looking to refinance the home loan you have now, we can find the mortgage that’s right for you. And we can do it quickly – fast closings are one of the hallmarks of our exceptional customer service.

We’re a locally owned, independent mortgage company, with access to a variety of loans. We can discuss the different options, including fixed or adjustable rate loans, low down payment loans, refinancing loans, and more. Because we have access to a large network of wholesale lenders, we can find the loan that’s best for you, given your current situation and your financial goals.

We use state-of-the-art tools and technology, which allow us to lower our costs and provide the best possible pricing to our clients.

Applying for a home loan online takes just a few minutes, or you can call us directly to start the application process.

At Newland Mortgage, we provide most types of home loans and mortgages, including:

If you’re house hunting right now, we’d be happy to give you a “pre-qualification letter” that you can submit to sellers with your offer.

For more information, or to receive a free mortgage quote, please call (503) 816-4602 or email frank@newlandmortgage.com or andy@newlandmortgage.com.

Please note: Our mortgage company is located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and we can provide mortgages for homes, townhomes, condos, and vacation homes throughout Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, and Hawaii.