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Bijan Tavazoie

Independent Mortgage Broker

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(971) 275-5075
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Bijan Tavazoie, Mortgage Broker

Bijan Tavazoie is a mortgage broker, with more than five years experience in the real estate industry. He was drawn to the mortgage industry because of the “culture and nature of building and sustaining relationships.”

Striving to benefit others in any way he can, Bijan cares about each transaction as if it’s his own. He’s passionate about “working with people in creative ways and figuring out how to benefit their lives and their businesses.” And one of his favorite aspects of his work is “being able to turn a transaction into a conversation and a relationship.”

Born and raised in Portland, Bijan earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Portland State University and worked as a structural engineer before switching to real estate. Before becoming a mortgage loan originator, he worked for a title company and lenders that specialized in investment programs (for fix and flips, auction purchases, and bridge loans).

In his spare time, Bijan enjoys sports, personal development, and travel. He also coaches high school football at Sherwood High School and various camps, because “nothing feels better than teaching kids about life through sports.”

Bijan is licensed in Oregon, Arizona, California and all of the other states with national licensing requirements.

To contact Bijan Tavazoie, please call (503) 477-0110, or email

Bijan Tavazoie’s NMLS#: 1464927