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CA: 413515
OR: 413515
WA: 413515
CO: 413515
TX: 413515

Frank Sloan, Co-Owner of Newland Mortgage

Frank Sloan, Co-Owner of Newland Mortgage, has spent virtually all of his career in the mortgage industry. For the past twenty-eight years – through all of the market’s upswings and downturns – Frank has been helping people finance and refinance their homes.

Frank believes that what distinguishes him from other mortgage brokers is “experience, ability to talk with clients, and being available for clients when they need me.” Frank loves analyzing clients’ situations and coming up with the right mortgage solutions. He likens the process to “putting a puzzle together.” 

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Frank had family in the real estate business, which is what initially drew him to the mortgage industry. He enjoys talking with people and is very detail-oriented, qualities that make him an ideal loan officer.

Frank and his wife Cathy have lived in Lake Oswego since 1999. They have two sons: Tyler, who is a Junior at Santa Clara University; and Brendon, who is a recent graduate of Texas Christian University.

Outside of the office, Frank enjoys spending time with family and friends, sports (Broncos and Blazers), reading, boating, and hosting guests in the summer. He also likes running, yoga, and CrossFit. 

Frank is licensed as an Independent Mortgage Broker in Oregon, Washington, and California and is a member of the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME).

To contact Frank Sloan, please call (503) 816-4602, or email

Frank Sloan’s NMLS#: 413515

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