Syd McClure, Business Development Coordinator

Syd McClure, Business Development Coordinator at Newland Mortgage, has more than twenty-five years experience in the real estate industry. Her background includes working at another mortgage company, as well as two title companies. Syd has consistently earned awards and recognition for being an outstanding team player, colleague, and employee.

Her passion for helping others, her energy, and her consistently positive attitude make Syd a great fit for Newland. Syd loves “maintaining relationships that were built more than twenty years ago and also connecting with new referral partners.”

One of her favorite aspects of her work is that “clients make me feel truly valued and needed, and I love helping them continue to succeed.”

Born in Northern California, Syd was raised in Portland, where she still lives.

Outside the office, Syd loves spending time with friends and family, and she is a fun and very involved aunt to seventeen wonderful nieces and nephews. She enjoys skiing, mountain biking, listening to live music, hiking, traveling, wine tasting, and volunteering for the Humane Society and Habitat for Humanity.

To contact Syd McClure, please call (503) 481-8917, or email